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2022 - Robinson Library's Summer Challenge: Summer Challenge 2022


Choice Board


  • Choose your Challenge and complete literacy and wellness activities all summer (and be entered into a raffle to win gift cards from popular local establishments)!
    • Sailing Master - Three activities (1 entry into the raffle)
    • First Mate - Six activities (2 entries into the raffle)
    • Captain - Ten activities or more! (3 entries into the raffle)
  • Note:
    • Blue hyperlinks below link to resources, suggestions and examples
    • Some options require a login to use a library database: Database Passwords
  • Complete the Google Form when you're done completing boxes (like the end of the summer) for a chance to win a prize in the fall.
    • Consider sharing what you create when you submit: a photo, book trailer, etc.
  • Each activity highlights an IB Learner attribute. Reflect on the traits you explored.
  • Tweet as you participate! @RobinsonLibrary #ramsread #ramsummer

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IB Learner Attributes

Read an Award-winning Book


IB: Knowledgeable

Eco Challenge

Repurpose something you generally throw into the trash. 

Reuse what you make!

IB: Thinker

Global Exploration

Watch a documentary / movie about a global issue with which you are not familiar 

Try a meal associated with a country or culture with which you are not familiar 

IB: Open-minded

Go Digital

Learn something new and interesting by reading an eBook, listening to an audiobook, or investigating any other digital media from RBBS' library, The Public Library, or wherever you access digital sources. 

IB: Inquirer

Create a Comic to Teach Others

Create a comic to teach others about a topic you know a lot about. 

IB: Knowledgeable

Create a Booktalk or Book Trailer 

Choose a book you loved and entice others to read it. Please share your video when completing the Google Form at the end of the challenge. 

 IB: Communicator

Read a series

Try a new series & read at least two books in the series.

IB: Risk-taker 

Read for Empathy

Choose a book about someone different than yourself

 IB: Open-minded


Get moving this summer! Take walks or hikes, add stretching to your daily routine, or try a new sport or activity. 

Extra challenge: Make exercise a weekly habit. 

IB: Risk-taker

Writing to Reflect

Write about the choice board activities you have done. Which have brought joy? Why? What “choice” would you suggest for next summer? Email a librarian to share.

Take it a step further and dive into journaling

IB: Reflective

Read for Joy

Search for a poem that brings you joy & share it with someone else 

Extra challenge: memorize a portion of the poem

IB: Inquirer


Play with Color

Make a creation that plays with color using paint, chalk, pencils, etc. If you’d rather, use digital tools like digital lite bright, visual sand art, or weave silk.

IB: Balanced

Once you complete your choice of activities, fill out the Google Form for a chance to win prizes!

Read a Graphic Novel 

Interested in a digital copy of a graphic novel? 

Log into MackinVia with your fcpsschools email & password and find a title in Comics Plus

IB: Thinker 

Listen to a podcast

IB: Balanced

Artistic Expression

Take some time to draw your favorite book, movie, cartoon, or TV show character, and share your creation with someone. 

IB: Communicator


Act of Kindness 

Volunteer to help someone, accepting nothing in return.

IB: Caring


Read for Social Justice

Books Matter (ADL)

Robinson Library Antiracism Readings 

IB: Open-minded

Read a science fiction, dystopian, or fantasy book.



IB: Knowledgeable


Experiment with a new recipe.


IB: Risk-taker

Disconnect Near Water

Leave the technology at home and be refreshed by water! You might swim, kayak, paddleboard, or simply take a hike near a creek or lake. 


IB: Open-minded

Try Something New

Find a new hobby to enjoy as a relaxing outlet when feeling stressed. Maybe start crafting, make music, or become a runner. Find something new that encourages a healthy balance in life.

IB: Risk-taker

Create a Reading Goal 

Set a daily goal & enjoy choice reading all summer long. Even 15 minutes will make a difference!

Robinson Library Reading Resources

Extra challenge: add a Reading App to your device

IB: Balanced

Develop positive coping strategies to times of stress. 
IB: Balanced

Read & Discuss 

the same book with a friend or family member 

IB: Communicator


Image credits: Freepik