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Ann Monday Library Media Center: Evaluating News: Fake vs. Real

Fake News vs. Real News

Evaluating News Sources

What makes a new story fake?

Fact Check

Check for hoaxes on these fact-checking websites:

Activity:  Read this headline and fact-check above using Snopes.

  • Reece's Peanut Butter Cups to be Discontinued

Do you believe this headline? Is it true? Did you see this in your social media feed?



Is it Shareworthy

Manufacturers of False News

View these videos and read the articles to see how a person can create fake news, and earn money, too!

Questions for discussion:

  • How much money can a creator of fake news earn per month? 
  • Find an example of how a fake news story in one of the articles above reached the level of state politics. 
  • How much responsibility lies with the reader? 
  • How can readers protect themselves and refrain from spreading false stories?


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