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Ann Monday Library Media Center: Research Guides

Class Research Guides Menu

Start by selecting a subject area, then look for a teacher's assignment.  Each guide provides resources to support student projects.


Business Research Guides


IB Business and Management SL


English Research Guides


Middle School High School                          

General Purpose 

7th Grade English

9th Grade English  

Previous Years


8th Grade English

10th Grade English  

Previous Years

Information Literacy


 11th Grade English  

Previous Years


 12th Grade English  

Previous Years


ESOL Research Guides



Health & P.E. Research Guides

8th Grade Health

9th Grade Health

IB MYP Research Guides

Personal Project (Grades 9 & 10)


Journalism Research Guides


Middle School High School




Math Research Guides


Middle School High School

Algebra I

IB Math SL


IB Math Studies


Probability & Statistics





Partnership Research Guides

Religion Research Guides

IB World Religions

Science Research Guides


Middle School

High School

New in 2019: Check out Science Direct, a new scholarly science database! 

8th Grade Science










IB Environmental Systems & Societies

Social Studies Research Guides
Middle School High School

7th Grade U.S. History

World History II Honors

8th Grade Civics

World History I


World History II


10th Grade Honors Government 


AP Comparative Government


History of the Americas

U.S.V.A. History


IB Geography                              


Combatting Intolerance Research Guides

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